2015/01/img_0860.jpgWhen it comes to laundry Hursley prefers the psycho dynamic ethos of the group therapy laundromat, “Clothes Encounters.” In fact, just recently the dryers really started to open up to her.




IMG_0709.JPGNeed a cute Thanksgiving Day activity? Xanadu says that when guests arrive, you should take a photo of them in front of some curated, vintage luggage. Later, as pumpkin pie is served, go around the table, asking each guest to share all his/her emotional baggage. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube the whole thing for maximum entertainment value.

Ving and Calypso


IMG_0704.JPGIn a modern treatment of the Hansel and Gretel story Ving and Calypso find their way back home by following a trail of mid-century bottles of Coke rather than bread crumbs. When they arrive home, sugared-up and hyper-caffeinated, Dad and Harried Step Mom hire the near-sighted old forest woman to babysit, and then they beat a hasty retreat to the nearest Massage Envy for some relaxing aromatherapy deep tissue massage. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.