Apple pregnant with Starbucks baby!!



It’s true!!! The two conglomerates have consummated!! In order to demonstrate their love for one another, all Starbucks and Apple retail stores will officially change their store name to “Starbapple.” As the lovebirds begin producing offspring, you can begin to expect several great new products:

  • Lemon pound cake iPads.
  • iOS8 flavored Frappuccinos.
  • Restrooms located in the iCloud.
  • Edible cookie flavored memory sticks.
  • Either a 64 or 128 GB White Chocolate Mocha.
  • New chair sizes in Starbucks stores: iPod for adult; iPod nano for children; iPod shuffle for infants.
  • Watch your favorite Starbucks stores!! Apple TV will now include 24/7 live coverage of local Starbucks stores. Catch up on all the latest gossip by watching customers place drink orders, prepare their drinks with sugar and cream, and then consume their beverages!! *Due to legal issues, only audio will be provided in the restrooms.
  • Don’t want to leave home to get your…

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